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About MAJAMary and Pat

Located in an historic neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland called Fells Point, MAJA features a unique, international collection of clothing, jewelry, artifacts, home decor, crafts and music.

MAJA, pronounced Ma-jah, is an acronym using names of the three women who started the business on a pushcart in 1980 at Baltimore's Harbor Place. In 1986, Mary became the sole owner operating, at the time, three mall stores, two in Baltimore and one in New York City. Currently, Fells Point is the only location.

The vast array of arts and objects in the store is a reflection of the owner's personality. She loves meeting and talking to people and could spend countless hours (even days and weeks) shopping for the store. Pat, the store manager, is a leaf from the same tree. Often, the store is a place where people can come to relax and talk or even have a bite to eat. It is also a place where you can find something special for yourself or a gift.

In addition to attending local craft and trade shows, Mary travels to Mali annually to purchase from artisans and plans to visit other countries as well.

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